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Acid Mines Minecraft server
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Acid Mines Minecraft server

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Fri Jun 04, 2021 4:33 pm by SirPsp

Yo! We've got a Pixelmon server setup for anyone who is interested in joining.


Using *The Pixelmon Modpack*

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New Skill - Brewing

Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:12 am by SirPsp


Acid Mines - Portal W3s1Z15

The brewing skill is all about brewing potions using just your hands, so throw out those old brewing stands.

Pick up an ingredient in your inventory and right-click to add it to a potion. Simple as that.

Most of the recipes are the same as regular brewing, but hand brewing allows you to create potions which cannot normally exist in Minecraft, such as a Potion of Conduit Power, or a Potion of Night Vision which lasts for 15 minutes.

See the next post for a list of potions and their recipe.

Rules of hand brewing:
* You cannot use regular brewed potions in hand brewing.
* Only hand brewed Awkward potions will work. Add nether warts to water.
* Extending the duration of a potion is done with redstone.
* Powering up a potion is done with glowstone (e.g. Strength -> Strength II).
* Once a potion has been extended (with redstone) it cannot be powered up (with glowstone).
 * When you want to make an extended powered potion (e.g. extended Strength II), the glowstone is added to the extended potion. You cannot extend the powered potion.
* Some potions require a mix of other potions. e.g. Weakness is brewed by putting fermented spider eye into Strength and Regeneration at the same time.
 * To hand brew these, combine Strength and Regeneration first, then add the fermented spider eye.

The XP rates of brewing may be adjusted. It's hard to get this right without having it tested.
Please leave any feedback you have, or let me know of any problems you find, here on this thread or on discord.

Admins: Like infusion, this skill will be limited to you due to creative mode. You can brew any potion, but you will not gain any xp at all. This will change in a few weeks. Also, brewing does not work in Creative.


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