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World Reset? With 1.13

Mon May 21, 2018 5:14 pm by SirPsp

So... yeah...

We spoke about a world reset a while ago, before 1.12, just because some people wanted something fresh. I didn't want a reset and I asked what people wanted and we decided not to reset anything.

I bring it up again now because 1.13 has some very big world generation changes. (more info here)
There's lots of different ocean types, coral reefs, ice bergs, shipwrecks, and more.

The current world is 4.5 years old and there are a lot of amazing things built in it. I, like many others, feel attached to the world and will miss it if it goes away, there's a lot of history there.

With that said, I still do think it's time to reset. The amount of active players right now is another reason why I would be fine with a reset. Not because I think more people will join, but because there's not many people to really miss the current world. There's a few people who like to log in every now and then just to walk around and remember the past, but it's time for the future.

So, let's go over what would happen.
- The world will be reset. This includes the main world, the nether and the end.
- Skyblock can remain as it is will reset. I do need to work on it more for people who want to restart.
- Because the world resets, all items will be gone. All cards and holiday items will be gone.
- Skills will remain, your current levels will stay the same.
- Ranks will remain, including donation ranks.
- Reward points and th keys will remain.
- Money will be reset.
- Any donation perks/commands will remain. Bought items will be gone.

Summary: World and items gone, mostly everything else stays.

It will be a lot of work to rebuild, but I think it will be worth it. It can be better than before. We can have new plotted cities for current players instead of a bunch of houses that nobody uses. We will need a new casino and shopping area, new challenging puzzles like the cube, maze and sbc2. I will make all new agility courses too.
I don't want to copy/paste any builds over.

We don't know when exactly 1.13 will come. It has been in development for a while and there are lots of snapshot releases. So what are the currently active players meant to do, knowing the current world will be taken away? You can still level up your skills and your rank, keep voting for the rewards points, perhaps save your daily th keys until the reset. Skyblock won't be reset so you can play that. Tie up any loose ends and finish your projects, even if they will be gone you can feel satisfied in knowing you completed them. I will still keep the world, it just won't be live on the server.

Please let me know your feelings on this whole thing. You can post here or discuss it on our discord -


Trading Cards Update

Tue Aug 15, 2017 7:37 pm by SirPsp

Trading cards have changed in a big way.
Painting  Painting  Painting

Firstly, cards numbered 1-1000 will now be referred to as "Legacy" cards. These cards cannot be obtained in-game. There are 2 legacy card packs on the donation store, one for cards 1-600 and one for 601-1000.
(There may also be some activities which reward legacy packs, such as The Maze and The Cube).
Old legacy booster packs may have problems, I haven't fully tested them. To be safe, ask me before you open them.

Legacy cards have no changes to how they work.

All cards from 1001 onwards, including the already existing Black cards, are part of the new system.

Card rarity is no longer on a number system. There are simply 5 rarity values; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Special.
Special is for event cards which cannot be found inside packs.
Some cards, mostly Legendary, will have an animated effect.
Whenever a booster pack says it contains a Rare card, that also has a chance to be a Legendary. Otherwise, if a booster says it contains 7 Common, those 7 do not have a chance to be anything other than Common.

Each set of 50 cards will follow a rough standard of 25 common, 13 uncommon, 8 rare and 4 legendary. Sometimes adjustments will be made to fit in special cards.

Obtaining Cards
Cards are no longer randomly dropped. Instead, you earn card points and buy cards from /card shop
The methods are still the same (earning skill XP, enchanting, smelting) but instead of a card drop you will just earn card points.
The /card shop currently has 3 packs. The standard pack contains 7 common, 3 uncommon and 1 rare. The new releases pack contains the same but only the newest release cards. The 4 pack contains 4 cards of random rarity.
TH currently contains some 4 packs as well.

Rank 15+ also has a Cards kit every day which gives a 4 pack. /kits

Storage Books
Storage books still work the same as before, but are separated for legacy cards.
Important: Storage books 21+ (for cards 1001 and higher [Black cards]), will need to be converted. Hold them in your hand and type /cards convert
For commands such as /cards openinto: For legacy booster packs you need legacy storage books 1-20 (first 1000 cards). For the new booster packs, you currently need the first 10 storage books (cards 1001-1500).
You can no longer add cards to books by clicking in your inventory, or take them with /cards take, instead you should just use /cards read to add and remove cards.
Buy storage books from /rewards shop

The card shop at /warp shops is currently closed. The trade center will also need updating at a later time.

Remember, to view card commands just type /cards

New Cards
With the new update, I've made 147 new cards to collect. They feature characters from Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, Overwatch and Rocket League.

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