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* ChestGames added


* XMas advent calendar


* Enabled Halloween


* Personalised Cars


* Added FishBox

* Added Fish notifications

* Removed black from sky

* Increase shiny rates for lvl 100+


* Added /sit to store

* Dealer hits on 17 if losing

* Added AcidSky


* Removed NPCs

* New Spawn

* Added vehicles


* Updated Cards

* Added 147 new cards

* Disallowed locking if no build perms

* Started logging armour stand death


* Upgraded RAM

* Saved money

* Added 1 new advancement


* Allowed NPCs to be in places


* Updated to MC 1.12.1

* Added ItemTrade signs

* Allowed zone owners to bypass limits


* Changed icon colours for cards

* Added Grappling Hook to TH


* Added SkyBlock

* Pets are updated

* DynMap is working


* Crouching and hitting a noteblock

will tell you which note it plays


* Added custom advancements


* Reset Nether and The End

* Added Parrots to forum

* Updated to 1.12


* Added Premium key to store


* Added Kits


* Disabled Easter event

* Fixed mpets


* Fixed restart times

* Added coords to zone info


* Changed server host


* Added new smilie to forums

* Started Easter 2017

* Added citizens back


* Removed The Grid

* Removed April Fools


* Changed skill names

* Trying to fix card images


* Double XP books now add up

* Emeralds blocks can be used for

Infusion after level 90


* Fixed donkey protection


* Added AlwaysSunny to donation store

* Added skill pulse gear shop in-game


* Added new trails to shop


* Added skill trails for lvl 105

* Added skill armour


* Added Rave Outfit to premium TH


* Added Miniature Pets to the donation store

* Changed rtele limits from 4k to 8k
* Added Premium and Special Keys to TH

* Added Magic skill armour to TH
* Increased limit for infusions on an item

* Added Ender Bow to TH

* Added disguises to the donation store

* Decreased 2nd/3rd division wins in lotto

* Changed /warp fish

Helping yourself when staff are not online


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Helping yourself when staff are not online

Post by Evallia on Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:57 am

What can you do if no staff are online and you need help?

So when staff are not around what do you do? Well this thread holds the answers to that.

The g tool and uploading screenshots:

First of all you are going to need to remember a few things or learn a few. Clicking a g tool on the ground shows the region name. For a lot of the problems you encounter you are going to need to know how to upload screenshots. This thread shows exactly how to do it.

You have been griefed:

If you have been griefed and no staff are on you need to get a g tool. With the feather right click on the ground. The the name of the region should come up in the format:


Then you need to go to the Appeals thread section of this website. If you don't know who the staff are then you can find out Player wiki : Moderators can check damage for youand admin can check and repair. Pose a new thread in the appeals section and you need to state the region name and where there has been a grief so that a staff member can look at it. Also state your name or who was affected so that the staff can talk to you in game about fixing it.

Note before: Please do not try and fix a grief, it can be fixed by staff using a command. Not fixing it allows the staff to have a clear view as to who griefed you.

You have been home/ tp killed/ god killed/ fly killed/ warp killed/ tpa spammed:

If you are being home killed you need to make sure you take the name of the player who is killing you. You also need to provide screenshots of them killing you. By pressing the F2 button or FN F2 for Mac.

Then you need to go to the Post an appeal then you enter the same details listed above.

Then a staff member will deal with the situation and punish the player accordingly, as long as evidence is provided.

Someone is advertising a different server/ mentioned another server:

Get screenshots that show them mentioning a server, giving the IP and post an ingame report in the appeals section. When a staff member comes on they will hand out the suitable punishment to them.

You need someone added to your region OR a flag changed:

You can view all commands available for use Home commands

Donated and need your rank:

You need to make sure that you type in the correct name when you are selecting perks. Once you have donated wait for about 5-10 minutes and reload minecraft.
If it doesn't it could be because the server isn't responding as fast.

If there are any issues, make sure you get the reciept that will in your paypal account or email. As a last resort please contact SirPSP at his wall using this link:

Someone is using inappropriate language/ being offensive towards others:

Get screenshots and post a ban appeal in the correct format. The links for these are stated earlier on in this thread.

So there you have it guys and girls. This is what to do when there are not any staff around to help.

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