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* ChestGames added


* XMas advent calendar


* Enabled Halloween


* Personalised Cars


* Added FishBox

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* Removed black from sky

* Increase shiny rates for lvl 100+


* Added /sit to store

* Dealer hits on 17 if losing

* Added AcidSky


* Removed NPCs

* New Spawn

* Added vehicles


* Updated Cards

* Added 147 new cards

* Disallowed locking if no build perms

* Started logging armour stand death


* Upgraded RAM

* Saved money

* Added 1 new advancement


* Allowed NPCs to be in places


* Updated to MC 1.12.1

* Added ItemTrade signs

* Allowed zone owners to bypass limits


* Changed icon colours for cards

* Added Grappling Hook to TH


* Added SkyBlock

* Pets are updated

* DynMap is working


* Crouching and hitting a noteblock

will tell you which note it plays


* Added custom advancements


* Reset Nether and The End

* Added Parrots to forum

* Updated to 1.12


* Added Premium key to store


* Added Kits


* Disabled Easter event

* Fixed mpets


* Fixed restart times

* Added coords to zone info


* Changed server host


* Added new smilie to forums

* Started Easter 2017

* Added citizens back


* Removed The Grid

* Removed April Fools


* Changed skill names

* Trying to fix card images


* Double XP books now add up

* Emeralds blocks can be used for

Infusion after level 90


* Fixed donkey protection


* Added AlwaysSunny to donation store

* Added skill pulse gear shop in-game


* Added new trails to shop


* Added skill trails for lvl 105

* Added skill armour


* Added Rave Outfit to premium TH


* Added Miniature Pets to the donation store

* Changed rtele limits from 4k to 8k
* Added Premium and Special Keys to TH

* Added Magic skill armour to TH
* Increased limit for infusions on an item

* Added Ender Bow to TH

* Added disguises to the donation store

* Decreased 2nd/3rd division wins in lotto

* Changed /warp fish

A tiny, little, HUGE command.

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A tiny, little, HUGE command.

Post by ToTheRetardis on Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:30 pm

/give @p written_book 1 0 {pages:["[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Islands P.1\",\"color\":\"aqua\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"The world was created,\nand also the sages.\",\"italic\":true},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"War was unleashed. leaving only power and senses alive. They were cursed that they would be reborn and relive the pain they have created. Power and Courage would be Brothers, Desendants of Cais, Sage of Power\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Islands P.2\",\"color\":\"aqua\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Wisdoms desendant would be a random person picked by the gods, since the original was destroyed and had no children. Senses desendant would be a very long relation to the Original Senses, as he would be an Enderman.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of the Dragon\",\"color\":\"gold\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"The senses desendant finds a new home, and calls for his friend,\nTardis, the courage desendant. They set up a life in the town, and set up and amazing quest with the power desendant. They Reserect the Ender Dragon and Defeat it.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of the War\",\"color\":\"dark_red\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Courage and Power settle in there old base. creating a home, when suddenly Senses land lord wants there base. War wages, and in the end they make a compromise.\nSenses was not aloud fight with his friends because his landlord said so.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Exploration\",\"color\":\"dark_blue\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"After that, Courage and Senses set off to adventure. They walked through the horrible deserts, they sailed through the tuffest storms, and eventually, Power sailed away after them, but he was never seen again.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Ordon\",\"color\":\"dark_green\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"When senses and courage came home, they met a salesman from another land, little did they know he was the wisdom holder. Courage started building a town, and senses moved and got a bigger, better house.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Peace\",\"color\":\"light_purple\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"over time, the town grew and grew, many people joined the community, and all was well, this was when the new sages unlocked the pootatoes. they made peace around the provences of trout, and the old sages inside of them were content.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Sorrow\",\"color\":\"dark_aqua\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"One horrible day, courage and wisdom had an arguement and started to tear the sages apart. Sense and Wisdom left, and swore vengence on the others, and power was missing. This was when courage started to over plan. Could this be another war in making?\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Time\",\"color\":\"blue\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Time was repeating, the era of islands was to come again! Courage decided to not get his hands dirty and to just forget about everything, closing up his base and the temple, and he moved on with his life, this was all going to change though.\",\"italic\":true}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of Decline\",\"color\":\"gray\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Wisdom started to turn people against Courage, telling secrets that only a true sage should hear. Senses locked himself up in his mansion getting ready for the battle ahead.\nThey said: \\\"if you try to stop us, we will destroy You.\\\"\",\"italic\":true},{\"text\":\"\n \",\"color\":\"reset\"}]","[\"\",{\"text\":\"The Era of M.U.E.M\",\"color\":\"dark_gray\"},{\"text\":\"\n\",\"color\":\"reset\"},{\"text\":\"Courage started to grow an ARMY, though most did not know what they were fighting for, He set off to find Power, and did, but Power wanted to be Nuetral. M.U.E.M was growing, and Courage wasn't even sure what it exactly was yet!\n\",\"italic\":true},{\"text\":\"WAR BROKE OUT\",\"italic\":true,\"color\":\"dark_red\"}]","{\"text\":\"*the rest is ripped out*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n                        \n\n\n \"}"],title:"The 4 Sages",author:"The Trout God",generation:3,display:{Lore:["Its an old, sort of burnt book. It looks like it has survived a lot.","Its sort of ripped in places..."]}}

Can you please copy and paste this command and give Tardis the book that you will get from it. It is just a book, its nothing OP like a sharpness 111 sword.
It is just a book, if you don't want to then ok. I understand.
-Tardis :3
This is made for an Admin, I will show the first admin I see this, and if he says no, well then awwww....
If you don't know how to do a command block it is:
/give {Username} minecraft:command_block
Or you can always do /g block

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