Acid Mines Minecraft Server -

Donation Packages



* ChestGames added


* XMas advent calendar


* Enabled Halloween


* Personalised Cars


* Added FishBox

* Added Fish notifications

* Removed black from sky

* Increase shiny rates for lvl 100+


* Added /sit to store

* Dealer hits on 17 if losing

* Added AcidSky


* Removed NPCs

* New Spawn

* Added vehicles


* Updated Cards

* Added 147 new cards

* Disallowed locking if no build perms

* Started logging armour stand death


* Upgraded RAM

* Saved money

* Added 1 new advancement


* Allowed NPCs to be in places


* Updated to MC 1.12.1

* Added ItemTrade signs

* Allowed zone owners to bypass limits


* Changed icon colours for cards

* Added Grappling Hook to TH


* Added SkyBlock

* Pets are updated

* DynMap is working


* Crouching and hitting a noteblock

will tell you which note it plays


* Added custom advancements


* Reset Nether and The End

* Added Parrots to forum

* Updated to 1.12


* Added Premium key to store


* Added Kits


* Disabled Easter event

* Fixed mpets


* Fixed restart times

* Added coords to zone info


* Changed server host


* Added new smilie to forums

* Started Easter 2017

* Added citizens back


* Removed The Grid

* Removed April Fools


* Changed skill names

* Trying to fix card images


* Double XP books now add up

* Emeralds blocks can be used for

Infusion after level 90


* Fixed donkey protection


* Added AlwaysSunny to donation store

* Added skill pulse gear shop in-game


* Added new trails to shop


* Added skill trails for lvl 105

* Added skill armour


* Added Rave Outfit to premium TH


* Added Miniature Pets to the donation store

* Changed rtele limits from 4k to 8k
* Added Premium and Special Keys to TH

* Added Magic skill armour to TH
* Increased limit for infusions on an item

* Added Ender Bow to TH

* Added disguises to the donation store

* Decreased 2nd/3rd division wins in lotto

* Changed /warp fish

Update 2-Dec-2015


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Update 2-Dec-2015

Post by SirPsp on Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:23 pm

There have been quite a few changes and additions over the past few weeks that haven't had their own thread. I've either only mentioned them or made a post in the discussions thread, so here are some of the new things (the ones that I remember).

Server Relocation
The server has been moved to Sydney. Australians should have a much better connection now with ping dropping from the 300s down to around 10-50.

Treasure Hunter
The items in /th have been updated. I removed a bunch of the crap like gold and iron armour, and replaced them with stacks of 7 emeralds. There are less items overall which means more chance to get the good ones.

Coloured Name Tags
Books that allow you to change the colour of your name above your head are now given out in various ways. There are some colours in the /rewards shop and /th. Donation packs also contain the colour that represents the pack. Existing donators can request the name tag colour of their donation.

Donation Packs
All donation packs have been updated to include some RP, Double XP, Emeralds and a coloured name tag. Existing donators will not receive the new items except for the name tag colour which must be requested to me.

Sort Chests
You can now use /CL sort to sort chests by the id value of items.

There are now more than 500 heads available in /rewards shop

New Cards
Some new cards have been added, bringing the total up to 800. The last 50 are all Star Wars cards to celebrate the release of the new movie. If you're lucky enough, you may also find a new class of card that is rarer than Ultra.

Mooshroom Milk
Yes, you can milk mooshroom to get special milk that hums when you drink it. You can also milk chickens and villagers.

More Homes
I increased the amount of homes that players can have. You now get 2 homes at rank 2 and each rank that received an extra home before will now have one more.

Armour Stand Arms
Rank 10+ can put arms on armour stands using /as arms. When an armour stand has arms, it can hold items.

Share Horses
Horses can be given away or shared with /tame give [player] and /tame allow [player]. Allowing a player means that they can access all of your horses. The give command transfers ownership to that player. Perhaps someone should breed and sell horses.

Tokes is nerd
Tokes has become the first player to reach level 100 in all skills.

We now have a teamspeak server. The address is
For more info click here

Slayer Changes
Slayer is now much easier at lower levels. Certain mobs don't show up as tasks until higher levels, and lower levels need to kill less for each task. Amounts for higher levels have increased, and certain mobs (such as animals) stop being tasked after high levels.

For example, you won't get a Ghast task until after level 40, and you will stop getting Pig tasks at 60. The max amount of creepers that you could have to kill at level 40 is 50, but at level 60 you could have to kill up to 70.

You also gain extra xp for completing tasks in a row without using /skills cleartask. If you clear your task, you will reset your streak. The higher the streak, the more xp you get. The streak bonus is awarded every 10 tasks in a row.

You can use the New Slayer Task book from the rewards shop to safely skip a task without resetting your streak.

XMas 2015
There is a big xmas tree at /warp DC
Everyone can have their head on the tree. If yours is not on there, ask me to put it up.
There are free snowballs and flat snow inside the tree.
There will be presents and an xmas event later in the month.

Don't forget to visit the Mushroom Mall and check out the latest Acid Mines video.


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